Monday, June 27, 2016

Wow, time has passed me by, so many things has happened.
Lets make a list:
We have a new YouTube Channel : 2D Magic !
We are still working on Muk-Muk Production, we have set up a production project at Artella! All who are interested in collaborating with us, we welcome you.
A book is being produced. IT will be cool!

More to come! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A New Year!!

Wow, another year has gone by! This project has gotten a new breath of life and taken a new approach. I am producing this with 2D animation before I translate it into 3D. I want to see how it will turn out and use the 1st production as a dry run for the bigger series.
As I have been working on this project I have started a few others. That is one thing that can catch an animator by surprise. Below is a list of projects and links to follow me as I produce a few of them.

First Project: Clash of Clans, Fanimation Websodes.
Second Project: Minecraft YouTube Channel ( Down time fun)
Third Project: +2D Magic Awards This is also a combination of a YouTube Channel, Blog and website. They all can be found here: 2D Magic blog, Website
Fourth Project: Animation & Game Design School. Found Here (Game Design Open, Animation classes coming soon)

Any questions and comment are gladly accepted.
I also have another project I am working on, but that is a surprise bonus that I will share when I am finished. Hopefully within a month or less. So stay tuned!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Production has slowed a little over the past few weeks, We moved our facility across country to the East Coast. Now we are in the process of setting up a new office in which we will post once obtained. We are currently modeling the Bio-wraith and continuing to finish up the production concept art along with the storyboards. We will post more updates on visuals and news within the week.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Welcome back to our production web blog! I have been working on the latest production art character designs for Bioconvergence project. I am happy to present you with the final rendering of our main character/element that the whole story is based upon. For you who have not herd about the story here is a little recap. Bioconvergence is a story that takes place on the top of a Caldera. This is a volcano that has a body of water within the mouth of the volcanic mountain. The city that has been built there uses the thermal energy from the magma to power and run their cities industries. This city takes place in a pre-industrial society that reflects the Victorian/steam-punk age. An invasive alien colony of nanites that inhabited a meteor has crashed upon their city, a new monster has been created. Alien nanites merge with humans to create a bio-converged "zombie" that becomes more terrifying than any other version seen to date!. The city must evolve technologically in order to combat and survive the wave of death and destruction that is all but imminent. SO, without further delays I present you the main "evil" element of our story, the Bio-Creeper!!

(The original is 2550x3300 @ 300dpi)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another day in the creative world of Bioconvergence. I created a concept piece of the power station located on the Island in the middle of the caldera. It is a work in progress from a 3D environment I am creating in Cinema 4D and then imported into photoshop to composite. It gives us a better idea in which direction we need to take along with the over all look of the series.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

So today is Sunday, time is going by fast. I spent a little bit yesterday and today modeling Highland city where the story takes place. It has been quite a while since I actually made a scene in 3D. I am also creating a 2D version of it at the same time. I think the 2D version of this short will be a motion comic or webisodes.
Here are some primitive renders to get the sense of perspective, scale and lighting.

Adding a sky helped unify all the object within the scene. This is just a rough thumbnail of what the finished shot will be.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Can you believe how life works, time slips by, projects take a back burner. It is hard to find time for the things we love to do when it is a full time job with overtime just to live these days. I have finally found a way to partition time out to work on my projects. So here I go... It has been a while since my last update for this project. I have recently started the research phase in search of references for the environments and style in which the project will form. I am starting to update the project and try to get a solid idea of how far we have come and where we need to go from here.

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